limited 2018 performances due to recording... stay tuned

Album update! Hey Guys! we are hard at work perfecting and detailing out the music for the album. We are so incredibly grateful for your patience and support. 

Also in the works is an ALL ACOUSTIC CD! to feature the following songs

*Labyrinth *Brighter Days *The Ascent *Hindsight(NEW) *Calm Before the Storm *Through the Ashes *Never Gonna Break Me(NEW) and MORE!

we are also currently applying for spring/summer festivals make sure you let your favorite festivals know YOU WANT ULTREA to tear it up! Thank you again for all the love and support



F*ck That Sh!t shirt model is Emily Fulcer you should follow her @emily_mae.hem on Instagram. 


The End of Illusion 

1. Illusions

2. Labyrinth 
3. Seek the Truth

4. Divided We Fall

5. When time collides between silence and a new dawn

6. Brighter Days

 (And a Bonus Track)


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