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Ultrea is a female fronted Hard Rock/Metal band from Madison, WI dedicated to making music that moves you in a positive way. You can expect heavy guitar and drums mixed with harmonic vocals and expressional screams. Member influences range anywhere from Top 40 rock music to post hardcore metal. We try to make music that is dynamic and relatable, on multiple levels, to touch as many lives as possible. 
Ultrea means always persevere. This is what we strive to do as a band and as individuals. . We strive to make our fans feel as we do when we write and perform, SUPERHUMAN. We have been compared to bands such as In This Moment, Lacuna Coil, Stiched up Heart and Skillet. There is a battle waging war on humanity. "We will not stand by and watch this world die" Join us in coming together as a music community to influence compassion, strength, humility, awareness, and wisdom. 
How did it all start? Essentially, we all knew someone who had played in bands previously and the band was built with musical connections. Our original line up was brought together by guitarist Greg Dellmann and former drummer Chris Swenson. Greg called upon bass player Jason Wepking from Sledgehammer Solution and Chris called upon Jenni Lecesse from previous metal and punk projects. Bryan Lawver came in very early on and took over as drum master and official “Band Dad” Chris replaced Jes Hana on guitar. This was essentially our first strong line up. Throughout the progression of the band we have always supported each member’s decision to depart from the band. When Chris left, Bryan brought in long time music friend Kyle Rattner who still makes occasional appearances on guitar. We’ve had dual guitars on-and-off. We even had duo vocalists for a short time. The most recent change to our line up has been on bass: Jason unfortunately needed to step back. For the first time we opened up band auditions to the public and, lucky for us, someone who we had crossed paths with several times stepped up to the plate. Ricky Staley came aboard right at the end of 2017 & rounds out our current line up. We are thrilled to move forward!

Our latest release "The End of Illusion" Can be found at For more Ultrea follow us on twitter @ultreaband or @ultreavoxtress.
Our music is available on all major online retailers and free to stream live for Spotify members.
If you want to be a part of the Ultrealienation team head over to or shoot us an email if you want to be a part of our growing

We are currently underground and in the studio recording our first full length album. follow us on Faceboook, twitter, and instagram for updates.

"The End of Illusion" you can find it